Death Of Zanzibar


Stars&Stripes1That’s right. Zanzibar is officially dead. Killed off for a DIY neon, slightly more expensive replacement with a bad ass name; Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards. Kinda weird. As it turns out this was the result of TV’s Bar Rescue reality show. Seems about right. The whole place reeks of effort. From the cheesy chrome and black leather bar furniture, to the half-assed lighting rigs with wiring strung all over. We are in deep mourning of our beloved Zanzibar.

The neon we cannot hate on too much as LEDs are one of our passions, but in a billiards hall, we Stars&Stripes2opt for better lighting options that allow you to see the table. Speaking of the tables, they have some cheap colored felt on them now. We used to come to Zanzibar specifically for their nice tables. To top that, they are no longer free. Yup, 10 bucks an hour ($5/hr on HH). Beer is still cheap.  One thing that we were intrigued to try was the “Beer Wall”; however, it was not operational.

We are not saying the new Solids and Stripes Badass Billiards is all that bad. It just seems the makeover focused on the wrong items to fix. Like the name, or the tables, or the fees or the lighting. But they did replace the over-sized square tables that used to impede a player’s shot with a classic ledge along the wall and round cocktail tables; freeing up much needed square footage.

Still, it looks like we will have to alter the Top 10 Bars to reflect this sad news. Stay posted for the revised charts.